Matcha Tea whisk (Chasen)

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Matcha Tea whisk

Made from bamboo, use it to froth your matcha in a bowl.

– 80 Prong

The chasen is an essential tool in the Japanese tea ceremony and is made from a single piece of bamboo. It consists of numerous fine tines that are carefully carved and split at the ends to produce a delicate and intricate appearance.

The chasen is used to whisk the matcha green tea powder into a frothy consistency in a bowl. To achieve the desired result, a fast and steady zig-zag motion is used, making the shape of the letter “W”. It is important to use a high-quality chasen to create a smooth and consistent froth, as the whisk plays a significant role in the flavor and texture of the matcha.

A well-maintained chasen can last for several months, but it is recommended to replace it when the tines start to break or lose their shape.



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