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In 2013, I founded Matcha Zone in Perth, Western Australia after relocating from London with my family. As someone who lived in a big city, I was surprised by the lack of accessible high-quality and affordable Matcha tea in Perth. Today, after ten years, we have become the preferred choice of Matcha tea for many Australians, and I am grateful to have built a dedicated customer base who share my enthusiasm for this versatile tea product.

My love for Matcha started in 2010 when my beautiful twins were born and I found myself a typical sleep deprived and astonishingly exhausted mum. I reached for coffee after coffee but after the caffeine high wore off I would find myself feeling sick, shakey and pretty awful. After reading an article my husband suggested we try Matcha and it was something he enjoyed instantly but I took a couple of weeks to get used to. I did not have any of the ‘coffee jitters’ (thank you L-theanine) and I still reach for a Matcha green tea first thing in the morning.

When setting up Matcha Zone, I sampled various Matcha teas and concluded that the finest and most superior Matcha is sourced from Japan. Our Matcha is renowned for its exceptional flavour and exquisite colour, and is among the best available in Australia.

I place a high value on customer service and believe that being an online store should not hinder our ability to have personal interactions with our customers. We welcome feedback and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our Matcha tea. So feel free to Talk to us – tell us what you think of our Matcha.


Lola White - Founder of Matcha Zone

Japanese Matcha Green Tea, Perth, Western Australia

We are based in Perth, Western Australia and are a fully registered business. Buy your matcha green tea online and for orders over $50 get free shipping throughout Australia!

Our aim is to provide the Australian Matcha tea market with the best choice of Ceremonial, Premium and Organic Matcha green tea powders at affordable prices.

We believe our products offer exceptional value for money. We do not stock Matcha tea that does not meet our high standards for colour and taste.

Wholesale Matcha Tea

We offer our imported Japanese Matcha Green Tea across Australia with wholesale terms for businesses. For further information please contact us via

How do we drink our Matcha?

As Matcha green tea enthusiasts we are often asked how we drink our Matcha Tea. We choose to go organic and love ours with just water – no milk of any kind and we’ve never wanted to add any sugars or sweeteners. The taste itself is so exquisite we love to savour it just like it is…

Japanese matcha green tea powder

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