Kyoto Matcha Tea – Premium Grade – 2 x 50g Packs

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2 x 50g Double Pack deal

Kyoto Matcha green tea powder – 2 x 50g Premium Grade

A good quality Japanese matcha tea with a vibrant green colour and a light and refreshing flavour. This tea is a good choice for those new to matcha.
– Great for beginners
– Comes in two re-sealable foil pouches
– Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Packet size: 2 x 50g

A bit more about Kyoto:

The beautiful region of Kyoto in Japan has a rich tea culture and is known as the main green tea growing region of the country. It’s where the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, also known as Chanoyu, became popular. The southern suburb of Uji is particularly well-known for its production of green tea. This region is also famous for its ancient temples and shrines, rural villages, and scenic mountains.

Kyoto city itself is filled with historic and cultural landmarks, including tea houses where visitors can experience the art of the Japanese tea ceremony firsthand. Kyoto’s tea culture is not just limited to the tea ceremony, but also extends to tea production, with many high-quality green teas being produced in the region, including the popular and highly prized Uji matcha. The beauty and culture of Kyoto make it a must-visit destination for tea lovers and anyone interested in Japan’s rich history and traditions.

3 reviews for Kyoto Matcha Tea – Premium Grade – 2 x 50g Packs

  1. Orchid (verified owner)

    This is a lovely tea, slightly bitter though not overly so. Great as a daily drink.

  2. Cathy Chao (verified owner)

    Quality is good and taste is mild, good for everyday drink.

  3. Felix (verified owner)

    This is the best value matcha I have tried. Lots of flavour with a good balance of fresh and earthy tones. Good for wellbeing as well as I always feel better after having one of these a day. I have been ordering this regularly for nearly a year now and I will keep doing so!

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